Backflip Hoodie: 5 reasons Why Backflip Hoodie is the best hoodie ever

    We know you all must be wondering. Backflip Hoodie!
    What in the name of god is that thing? Is that even possible? A hoodie that turns into a Backpack, really?
    Ever happened to you that you go outside for a stroll or a good run in winter afternoon and suddenly get an urge to remove the hoodie off your body? And then you realize you have to drag this unworn hoodie on your shoulders or tie it on your waist.

    Worry no more!

    Introducing the Tuskar Backflip Hoodie by Rarer!

    This Tuskar Backflip hoodie by Rarer is literally EVERYTHING.
    The smartest way to travel is with the least baggage possible. Why drag a heavy jacket and a separate messenger bag, when there are multi-pocket jackets available? Why pack a cozy hoodie and a backpack when you can pack a reversible hoodie backpack that does double-duty? Backflip answers the second question with a line of creative, reversible outerwear that does both.

    Once you purchase a BackFlip hoodie, you'll never want to go back.

    Here are five fabulous reasons why you need to have this hoodie in your life. 

    Backflip hoodie can convert into a backpack

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      It obviously had to be the first and main reason why Tuskar Backflip Hoodie is the best. When the weather changes and starts getting warmer outside, simply take the hoodie off and turn it inside-out.

      The quick one-handed change takes less than three seconds and turns any Backflip hoodie into a legit, go-anywhere knapsack. The lightweight lining ensures the non-adjustable backpack straps are undetectable in hoodie form.

      Backflip's hoodie looks just like a regular jacket, but the real magic is in the "flip", just one flip, and it converts into a backpack that holds your phone, keys, water bottle, and anything you need.

      Here's how it works: Unzip the hoodie with its inner lining facing you, and you'll find an opening on its lining where you can reach down, pull, and invert the hoodie into a bag. Completely stuff the hoodie's sleeves into the pouch, and it becomes a backpack with drawstrings and two compartments. The design is convenient for fickle weather and perfect for travelers who want to minimize the number of things to carry.

      You don't have to drag it around on your waist/shoulders

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        The biggest struggle with any hoodie after a jog/run or a vigorous intense activity, especially in Indian winters, is that sometimes the afternoons are so sunny that we feel like removing the sweatshirt.

        BackFlip is a flexible clothing design that can be transformed into a backpack. 
        India has fluctuating weather; having the ability to pack a sweatshirt and keep your hands free is essential. This hoodie packs in so easily and quickly with a nice extra pocket for your wallet or phone.

        Comfortable & Lightweight to wear

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          Backflip's hoodie doesn't sacrifice comfort for its functionality, either, and customers also love it for how cozy it is. They fit well, comfortably, and you don't notice the bag portion on the back at all.

          It has two compartments for your items

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            It is a super sleek, body-conforming backpack; on the inside, the backpack is roomy enough to store the hoodie, and it has two internal storage pockets — a larger one for stashing another clothing item, books, or a bottle and a smaller hidden one for keys, wallets, and smartphones.

            The backpack straps are fully adjustable cord locks and can be tightened for comfort and security during high-intensity activity.

            Soft & Breathable fabric


              Backflip hoodie is engineered with 270 gsm medium-weight premium french terry, i.e., it's the perfect casual and comfortable fabric. This Tuskar hoodie is made of ringspun cotton for comfort and breathability and polyester for durability and wrinkle prevention. For maximum recovery, the cuffs/waistband are ribbed.

              The Straps of this hoodie are almost undetectable because of the lightweight backpack lining.

              This Tuskar Backflip hoodie by Rarer is a must-have for everyone. Get it now and show people around you; you're smart.

              Add this fantastic Tuskar Backflip hoodie to your wardrobe now from here

              Whenever you see people wearing regular hoodies, approach them slowly, and ask them if they'd like to see a better way. When they say yes, conduct a full Backflip conversion demo. Once the initial shock wears off, answer any questions they might have, and welcome them to the Backflip hoodie family.

              Note: BackFlip has unisex sizing, and we suggest sizing up for a more relaxed fit.

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